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The Most Effective Way to Unblock a Toilet


Nothing is worse than a blocked toilet in your home, it is the last place you want to go cleaning out. If you are having guests, it makes the situation a whole lot worse. If time is against you and you expect visitors soon, you shouldn’t get flustered. There are many ways to unclog a toilet without having to contact a plumber. Plumbing companies in Kingsbridge recommend trying a few of these techniques before you decide to get in touch with a professional.

Have you Flushed?

You’d be surprised at how many blockages can be released after a good flush. If you think your toilet is clogged, wait until the water settles and hold down the button or lever while you flush. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to try some other techniques.


A lot of people throw rubbish down their toilets forgetting that it can easily get clogged, some of these items include:

  • Sanitary Pads
  • Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • Earbuds
  • Baby Wipes

Many people use plungers the wrong way, sometimes making the blockage even worse. Ensure the plunger is covering the entire bowl, don’t press down too hard when you push. You’re trying to create suction in the water, not in the air. If you push down firmly, you could make the blockage worse.

Washing Up Liquid & Hot Water

This is one of the most effective ways to clear your toilet of a blockage. Let the liquid sit for 10 minutes, then pour the hot water and try to plunge again.