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Tell –Tale Signs That your Boiler is in Need of Attention


The boiler is the core component of your central heating system, and like most things, they can, and do, malfunction. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your boiler is in need of attention.

  1. Bad Smells – If, for example, you have a slight gas leak, this would emit a strange odour, and, of course, any naked flame could cause an explosion. Leaking water can also cause bad smells, as it can penetrate plaster and timber, which is destructive. If you notice a whiff of gas every time you pass your boiler, contact the best boiler repairs in Wimbledon, who can find out what’s wrong and rectify the issue.
  2. Strange Noises– Any device with moving parts could suddenly start making strange noises, and a hissing sound is a sure sign of sludge deposits in the system, which can be flushed out by a heating engineer. If the boiler starts to make unusual noises, this could be due to an internal malfunction, and calling out your local heating engineer is advised.
  3. Higher Than Normal Fuel Bills– This is likely to be caused by an inaccurate thermostat, and if you ware wasting energy, the best time to put a stop to that is now.
  1. Puddles of Water Under the Boiler– If your boiler is leaking, there will probably be corrosion around the affected area, and this will seriously affect the performance, not to mention the damage it could do to the walls.

If you suspect there might be something wrong with your boiler, call out a local heating engineer as soon as possible.