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Raise the Roof

raise the roof

The roof of a home is often compared to the cherry on top of a sundae, but any homeowner should recognise that the roof is just as important as the foundation of the home.

Roofs keep your home safe from the environment your home is in. Damage can happen from any of the following:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Cold weather
  • Warm weather
  • Wind

Improper Roof

Not just any roof will do to keep your home and your family safe. You need to ensure the roof is in proper condition.

Small leaks in your roof should not be ignored. Not only do these leaks let in outside temperatures and moisture, but the moisture often becomes trapped in the walls and insulation of your home. When moisture collects in these dark areas, not only will you end up with water damage, but mould will begin to grow.

If you spy water spots or mould growing in your home, you need to hire a roofing contractor in Southampton. These contractors can repair and replace roofing and all associated materials when necessary.

Chimneys are common in UK households, and proper maintenance of them is important in keeping your home in tiptop shape. Much like roofs, chimneys can break down and leak over time. Again, this moisture getting into your home can damage it and put your health at risk. Exposure to mould can result in respiratory distress, and it will make you sick over time.

Have your roof and chimney routinely inspected for damage, and trust a roofing contractor to handle any necessary repairs.