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Prevention is Better than A Cure – Understanding Roof Maintenance


For most homeowners, the prospect of a roof replacement is a scary thought. After all, an entire replacement can be complicated and expensive – not to mention it can displace the owner of the property while it is being carried out. This leads many to just cross their fingers and hope their home doesn’t experience any roof damage. However, there are actual ways to relax at home, and enjoy the safety of the roof you have for years to come – while still avoiding a premature roof replacement.

Preventative roof maintenance is the key to enjoying your home with peace of mind. Rather than overlooking your roofing needs and waiting for major issues to come along, you can actually set in motion good habits for ensuring your roof is ready for anything, saving you time and money in the long run.

Vertec Roofing, an Eastern Suburbs Sydney based roofing contractor with over 15 years in the industry, advises property owners to adapt regular roofing inspections into their home maintenance routine. There is an array of benefits of preventative roofing practices, including.

Mitigating weather damage

The harsh UV rays and sun light, high winds, rain, and storms can all cause weather damage. However, if caught quickly, the damage tends to be superficial and when a damaged shingle or flashing is replaced, the chance of it growing into a further problem is erased. Leaks are generally caused by water pooling over time, and so if the origins of the damage are quickly inspected and repaired, the leak is prevented.

Protecting gutters

It’s pretty common for household gutters to become filled with dirt, leaves and general debris. Often this means the water can’t drain through as the gutters are clogged. Eventually, if these aren’t cleaned out, they will start to pull away and sag from the eaves and soffits. Cleaning your gutters and keeping the materials in good nick will avoid the draining system failing.

Preventing Leaks

As mentioned before, house leaks generally occur as a result of an unresolved issue being left over time. If you can keep your roofing system in good order, you will likely avoid any problems with leaks as none of the damage your roof faces will progress into one.

As you can see, the key to avoiding all major roofing issues is preventative roof maintenance. With a regular care routine, you can avoid damage to the following:

Roofing materials

It’s totally normal for all houses to endure wear and tear over time, introducing regular inspections and ongoing maintenance to your roofing materials will prolong your roof’s life.

Attic moisture

When water has pooled into your attic, it will dampen the frame, flood the insulation and weaken the structure of your home. Not only does this put your house in danger, it encourages mould growth everywhere and reduces energy efficiency.

Interior damage

The “out of sight, out of mind” attitude in extreme cases results in the interiors of a home being seriously damaged. The roof may give way in certain areas, flooding the house, destroying furniture, appliances, and possessions. There are plenty of warning signs before this final stage. However, the only way to avoid this from the beginning is preventative maintenance.