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How To Select The Best Roofing Shingles Colour


Deciding on the colour of your roof is as complex as deciding on the colours of your walls. Roofing is the crown of your home and it steals the first impression of your home from any eyes. It is always important to put ample thought before deciding on the type and style of your roof.

Many companies offer several roofing options with varying colours and design of choice. A well-selected roof can change the look of your home drastically. Based on the market studies conducted by KPG ROOFINGS, their Director Mr. Rajeel KP claims that about 40% of the looks of the house is determined by its roofing, and it is the first thing on your house which is noticed by any visitors.

If we haste and select roofing shingles without looking at the colours or designs, we might end up ruining the look of our house. You can go through this guide about roofing shingles before making any final thoughts. There are several things one must check out before deciding on your roof shingles colour and design. Let’s look at some of these important things:

  1. Personal Opinion: Half of the process is based on your choices. You must choose the shingles based on your requirements and needs. If you like bright colours, try to get a variant on your choice. But personal opinion is not the only thing that counts. Anyways when you are about to buy roof shingles, make sure that is the right colour for your personality and liking.
  2. Looking for motivation: Sometimes, we can learn more about roofing by looking at other roofs. Make sure that you get a good look at other houses with roofing shingles. Understand how they coordinated colours and what designs are presented. You can always check these out while travelling. Make discussions on your likes and dislikes. This will give you an idea on how your roof should look.
  3. Deciding the material: Deciding the material or type of roofing shingles may be based on your requirement like climate, quality and affordability, we can decide on what type of shingles we want to install. Different materials provide different quality and finish to the roof so it’s important to decide beforehand on the type of roofing material to use.
  4. Design: Take at various designs available and decide on one which suits your house and the surroundings. Try to visualize how the house will look after installing the roof tiles. Find designs that match the theme of your home. Traditional homes generally have shingles that have patterns or curves whereas modern-looking homes or theed homes have flat roofing. Find out the design that goes hand in hand with your home.
  5. Colour: Next up is deciding the colour. Select colours that collaborate well with the walls. Don’t take colours that would feel out of place with your home. Try to visualize how you would want your final rooftop to look. Go through various colour combinations and tones of colours and textures before making a final decision.
  6. Roof Cooling: Using an energy-efficient cool roof can reduce the heat inside by several degrees and keep the house a little it extra colour. Try to decide on whether you want a cool roof or not.
  7. Architectural Style or Theme: The architectural style or theme of your house as said before is quite important as some colours don’t go well with certain styles. So opting for the correct colours based on the design or structure of your home is important.
  8. Get Expert advice: Another great thing you can do is talk or discuss about the colours with experts. Show them your house and tell them about your requirements or ideologies, this will assist them in selecting the best roof for your house.
  9. Neighbourhood: Sometimes you gotta look around at houses standing by yours to make sure that your choice of colour and design doesn’t make your house feel alien or bad compared to others.
  10. Avoid harsh colours and opt for low contrast colours. This will help make your house look better and taller.

Several things must be taken into consideration before opting on a roofing solution. We have tried to cover some of them here. Try to make your roof unique in such a way that it reflects your taste and style.