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How to Keep Warm during The Cold Months


In certain countries where the wintery and cold season will affect most of the peoples’ lives, it is essential to bring heat into the home and warm it. They may purchase a range of heating options such as: heating pads installed below the flooring and walls, gas heaters, convection heaters, hot air blowers, and even wood burning stoves. While the most traditional way would be to build a fireplace, it has slowly been replaced due to its inefficiency in heating a room.

Why wood burning stoves?

  • Compared to heaters which passes the air through its vents and blows out the hot air, wood burning stoves are able to retain their heat for a long time, ensuring that the temperature of the room remains at a constant. It is slowly rising in popularity and there are companies who are selling certified wood burning stoves in Christchurch. They are even offering a modern version of the wood stoves to complement a modern-looking home, and a traditional-looking one for those who prefer a ‘classic’ look.
  • When installing a wood burning stove, ensure that you have done the installation properly, or get a qualified person to do it. This is an essential aspect that must be taken note of, as the carbon monoxide that is produced during the burning has to be let out of the house, as breathing in the carbon monoxide can silently kill you.

You would also not want to have the burning smell of wood lingering in your house.