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How Can You Protect Your Home Electrical Systems During Thunderstorms?


Thunderstorms are Mother Nature’s many ways of showing that no matter how modern our society becomes, we are still at her mercy. Thunderstorms have time and again proved that it is one of the most powerful weather phenomena which demands strategic preparedness from one and all.

Most of the time, leading providers of electrical services Perth receive calls from residents after a severe thunderstorm in their area. The reason is simple – their electrical systems have fried a result of electrical surge that is a common occurrence during severe thunderstorms.

Top electrical contractor Perth often shares their advice to their clients where they repeatedly told them to take certain steps to keep their home’s electrical systems safe during thunderstorms. Power surges are deadly for electrical appliances and within a fraction of a second, it can destroy appliances.

The following section talks about three simple steps one can take to keep their homes, its electrical system and appliances safe during a thunderstorm. Let’s get right to it then.

Installing time delay technology equipped stabiliser could do the trick

Power surges are a common occurrence during thunderstorms. It is the residual charge that finds its way in electrical transmission lines after a lightning strike. This residual charge can quickly get into your home’s electrical system and fry it all, including your beloved home appliances.

As a primary line of defence, one can install a stabiliser in their mains that are equipped with time delay technology. It is simply a stabiliser that will automatically cut power to your home until the power in the main line has stabilised. Always make sure that you have called in the services of a professional electrical contractor for the deed. Always avoid doing electrical installation works by yourself to keep injuries and fatalities at bay.

It is best to install a whole home surge protector

A surge protector, by definition, acts as a buffer and absorbs the excess charge in an electrical system in the event of a power surge. When you install a whole home surge protection device in the mains of your home’s electrical system, you are keeping your home and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

The whole home surge protection system is installed in the main power line of your home. It is a cost-effective solution that provides surge protection to each and every appliance in your home. Every power outlet will be equipped with power strips that act as a barrier between the excess charge and an appliance.

Keep the main power supply to your home switched off till the storm subsides

The easiest and obviously the most important step you can take is to switch the main electrical system of your home off during a thunderstorm. If that is a bit too much, then you can at least unplug all the important appliances in your home.

If you fail to implement all three tips mentioned in this blog, especially during a thunderstorm, there is a high chance that you are risking not only your property but the lives of your loved ones as well. The best step forward is to call in a licensed and registered electrical contractor company and prepare your home for future thunderstorms.