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Five Common Roof Problems


The health of your roof is essential to its lifespan. For your roof to last for a long time it has to undergo constant maintenance. There are common roof problems you need to watch out for. Below are some of them:

Roof Leaks

Due to adverse weather elements rain, snow, hail and strong winds many roofs develop leaks if left unrepaired. This, in turn, leads to the growth of mold and rot due to the dampness caused by the accumulation of moisture.

Faulty Installation

It is important to hire competent roofers to install your roof for you. My Home Solutions Kent roofers offer professional roofing solutions provided by competent personnel and state of the art equipment. Proper roof installation tremendously increases the lifespan of your roof.

Improper Installation of Flashing

If flashing seals are improperly installed around vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights, it leads to open seams and blown tiles and shingles. Consequently, this leads to leaks in your house’s interior. My Home Solutions Kent roof repair contractors can fix the damage in a variety of roofing options in the market.

Critter Infestations

This is animal infestation by both small birds and insects. It is important to take care of this immediately because damage aggravates as time passes but ignoring the infestations. The infestations continue to intensify with time as more and more insects and birds flock over time increasing the roof damage.

Pooling of Water

Water pools cause roof damage as they weaken the roof due to the continued application of pressure on the area where the roof has formed a pool. The pooling of water is caused by debris build up, undrained HVAC units and gutter problems. A professional Kent roofer ensures that damaged and aged roofs are replaced using our highly qualified workforce and modern technology.