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Exciting Developments in the Scaffolding Industry


It wasn’t that long ago when if you wanted some scaffolding erected, the big truck full of heavy steel pipes would arrive and another containing the bulky connectors, and with a team of 6-8 men, the scaffolding would be built. Upon this would then be placed very heavy timber scaffold boards, which provided the working platform, and with a guard rail for safety, you were good to go. This is a lot of work, and obviously quite expensive, yet for the small building project, there is a much better alternative in the scaffold tower.

Aluminium Scaffold towers

If you approach scaffolding services in Hertford, they will likely have scaffold towers, which are very easy to assemble and can be moved. Typically, the tower would have four wheels and a braking system, and higher units have outriggers, which give the unit extra stability. The tower has the following:

  • Safety Rails
  • Non-Slip platform
  • Braking System

These are ideal for the painter or plasterer that has to work along a large expanse of wall, as the tower can easily be moved and work can continue.

Larger Structures

A substantial building would have a complete scaffolding system erected that would rise with the building, always providing a safe working platform, and with hoists and lifts, heavy building material can easily be taken up to the required level.

For the small builder, aluminium scaffold towers are invaluable, and the handyman homeowner would likely own a small unit that also doubles as stepladders.