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Do You Need to Fix a Broken Lock


Fortunately, if your lock is actually broken and needs repair, you can always contact a reliable locksmith. Locks will not work for one of various reasons.

Why a Lock May Not Work

These reasons include the following:

  • Your door’s weather stripping led to a lock malfunction. The weather stripping around a door can lead to a lock misalignment and cause the lock to stop functioning. If this occurs, you will not need a locksmith. Simply place the weather stripping farther away from the door’s frame.
  • The lock becomes frozen. If you wish to thaw out a lock that has become frozen, insert a heated key. You can warm the key by placing it on the radiator.
  • The lock will not turn. If you can place your key in the lock but it will not turn, the mechanism may be dirty. Place a swab into the lock to clean it before lubricating the lock. Never use oil; instead, a silicone spray is the best choice for this purpose. If the lock still will not turn, you need to contact lock repair services in Bromley.
  • The door knob turns but the bolt on the lock will not operate. If the lock does not operate when the key is turned, the issue is with the hardware’s mechanism. A locksmith can remove the lock and see if it features worn or missing components. In this case, it is best just to replace the lock.

Call a Full-service Locksmith Day or Night

Whether you need a lock rekeyed or a new one installed, you can always call a full-service locksmith—day or night—to handle your security problems.