Home Cleaning Control the Mess with a Skip Hire

Control the Mess with a Skip Hire


Home projects can be a lot of fun; however, the resulting mess can get out of control fast. It is a good idea to hire a skip to help control the mess. Otherwise, the neighbours may be upset about the large amounts of trash. A skip gives you a large space for household debris and can be hauled off for you.

Size and Duration

When you go to rent your skip, check on the different sizes available. The project you are working on should help you determine the size you need. If there is going to be a lot of lumber going into the trash, you may need a larger skip. The items you are throwing out should fit well into the skip. Consider the duration of your project, as well. If you need the skip for a month, make sure it is big enough to last or that dumping service is included.

  • Big enough for large items
  • Available for the duration of your project
  • Dumping schedule

Dumping Your Trash

Most skips are picked up at the end of the project. If you end up with more debris than expected, you may need to call for an extra pickup and return. The charge for dumping the trash should be included in the hire price. Check into your options for great value skip hire services in Sutton. When you live in a neighbourhood, the regular garbage pickup does not pick up large items from construction projects. Skip hire is a convenient and affordable option.

Home projects can be a lot of fun. It is important, however, to plan ahead for trash removal. Take the time to check with a local skip hire company. Enjoy your project while also keeping things nice and neat.