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Common Chores Done As A Part Of Office Cleaning In Dubai


There are some things that are commonly done as a part of office cleaning. You need to make a list of these chores so that everyone that participates in the office cleaning can see what needs to be done, and how frequently each item needs to be done. Even if you are hiring a professional cleaning company in dubai to do your office cleaning you want to make one of these lists. With the list, you can make sure that the cleaning service understands what chores you want to be done and how often you want each of them to be done.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Cleaning Service?

A clean office leaves a good impression on your potential clients and guests. It is also good to increase the productivity level of the employees. The company’s workers can feel energetic and peaceful If everything is organized at the office. In simple words, they can focus more on the work when their minds at peace. A clean and pleasant surely delivers this ideal environment. This is the main reason you need to opt for trusted cleaning services in dubai to get the office cleaning work done. Once you hire a cleaning company then make sure, they will perform the below-mentioned cleaning tasks.

Common office cleaning chores

  1. Sweeping the tile floors, or hardwood floors, should be done every day with no exception
  2. Mopping of the bathrooms, break room, and main store floors should be done daily
  3. A dusting of the office furniture can be done on a bi-weekly basis
  4. Cleaning the glass doors should be done daily
  5. Shampooing the carpets should be done monthly. There are so many cleaning companies in dubai who also offered carpet cleaning services besides other cleaning services.
  6. Waxing tile floors should be done monthly
  7. Emptying waste receptacles should be done daily
  8. Cleaning toilets, sinks, and surfaces in the bathrooms should be done daily
  9. Cleaning the microwave in the break room should be done daily
  10. Straightening magazines in waiting areas should be done daily
  11. Wiping waiting area furniture down with a disinfectant should be done weekly
  12. Spraying waiting area furniture with a disinfectant should be done daily
  13. Shaking rugs that are placed at the entrance should be done daily
  14. Cleaning mirrors in the bathroom should be done daily
  15. Watering plants should be done weekly
  16. Dusting the leaves on plants should be done monthly
  17. Restocking the tissues and hand towels in the bathroom should be done nightly
  18. Replacing light bulbs should be done as needed
  19. Cleaning the outside surfaces of the water cooler should be done daily
  20. Cleaning the refrigerator in the break room should be done weekly
  21. Cleaning windows should be done monthly
  22. Vacuuming carpeted hallways, or rooms, should be done daily
  23. Wiping door handles down with a disinfectant should be done daily

There may be some specialized cleaning that your offices require that you will want to add to this list. Make sure that everyone doing the cleaning in the office knows where the supplies to clean with are kept, and what supplies you prefer. Keep plastic gloves on hand for people to wear while they are cleaning to minimize their exposure to harsh chemicals.

Final Thoughts

A stress-free office environment is needed by the employees to work more productively. If you ever visit big companies’ workplaces then you may know why their employees are doing great work. They have provided the workers with an environment where they deliver the best results. So whether you are taking care of the office cleaning by yourself or hire cleaning services in dubai to sort out your cleaning tasks, so whatever route you choose, try to stick it. As cleaning services are more reliable as they have all the essential tools and experience to deliver the best possible result.