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Choosing A Pendant Light: What To Look For


Placing tiny pendant lights over a huge kitchen island is non-sense. It will not provide ample light and will also be not pleasing to the eyes. Most designers want the pendant light to match the scale and size of the room. But, some people prefer to make a dramatic, powerful, and diverse statement. There are so many types and designs of pendant lights. Their beauty and features will make you want to buy them all. So, how do you choose which one is perfect for your place?

The rule of three

This design rule is good to keep in mind when you plan to put more than one of anything. Three pendant lights in a row over the kitchen island will create balance. Three over a long dining table will make it prettier while providing enough light. Adding a row of large pendant lights will help fill up the volume of space if you have tall ceilings. It will give the place a greater sense of coziness. You can pick three pendant lights having the same type or design to create a beautiful look. You can also choose three different materials or shapes if you want a unique appearance.

Size and scale

There is a calculation most designers use when determining the perfect pendant light. Measure the length and width of the room in feet. Add them together, and the number you get should be the size in inches of your pendant. Let us say the place is ten feet by eight feet. Add them up, and you reach eighteen. Your pendant light should be more than eighteen inches in diameter. The same goes when you want to determine the ideal pendant light for an island. If the island is five feet by three feet, then you get eight inches. Each of your pendant lights over the island should be more than eight inches.

Perfect height

One of the things to consider when you buy a pendant light is how far to hang pendant lights over island. You should make sure it is not too low that it will block anyone’s view or hinder walking. You also do not want it to be too high that it will blind people as they stare directly into the bulb. People place it about thirty inches above the tabletop because that is the standard. But, you can adjust that according to your preference. Make sure it will not bump anyone’s head.

There are instances where you cannot find a particular style that you want. You can customize your pendant light and decorate it as you wish. But, make sure you do not overdo it. The purpose of your pendant light is to have enough light; the aesthetics are a bonus you should consider.