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Check out These Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your Interior Design


Every year, Pantone selects a color to define the feel of the upcoming year. And year after year, this chosen color proves to be an extremely popular shade, with many coming up with intriguing new ways to incorporate it into their interior design. 2019’s shade “Living Coral” follows suit, with a warm and vibrant shade that displays a ‘playful expression’ and an ‘innate need for optimism’. To welcome these traits into your apartment interior design this year, let’s look at some of the best ways to use Living Coral

Decorative Accents

Because this shade is very obviously not a neutral, some may find it difficult to include it into an already decided color scheme, or a space that does not have much room for another punch of color. To combat this, we encourage you to use Living Coral subtly, and instead sprinkle it throughout the space through use of smaller decorative accents. Look to lampshades, planters, books, or even candles to incorporate Living Coral in at a small scale. This will still inject the space with a dash of feminine warmth without being too abundant, or clashing with your existing color palette.


Add a dash of Living Coral to your space through easy-to-add (or remove) elements like pillows, rugs and throw blankets. Using this shade within textiles adds a more dimensional, textured feel to the shade as opposed to the flatness that may come from using it in decor. The best part is, these pieces are all easy to move around within your space so that you can find the ideal space in which the color fits just right. This gives you the freedom to try an area rug in different rooms, a throw blanket on a different couch. The textural element of a fabric will also allow you to adapt to different rooms that may use different materials.

Large-Scale Furniture

For those looking to go bolder with this shade, look to larger pieces like sofas to bring Living Coral to life in your home. This works especially well in spaces that already use a neutral color palette, or are filled with shades that are highly complementary to coral, making this inclusion seamless. While not everyone is in the market for a new sofa, you can also look to accent chairs or bookcases to bring this color into your home in a big way without disrupting the main colors in the area.


Looking to totally revamp a room? Consider using Living Coral as your prime color. Although our previous tips involve using this shade as a complementary or accent color, why not go bigger? Paint the entire room, an accent wall, or your trim with this shade and see how it transforms the room when the focus is placed directly on it. If you’re interested in more creative ways to use Living Coral as a paint color, look to your front door. A vibrant shade like this will surely set the tone for your home when guests arrive at your front door, bringing excitement and life into your home.