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A Guide to Selecting Aluminium Double Glazing


If you are planning to replace your windows with aluminium double glazed units, there is much to consider. Opening styles can vary greatly, and as the units are made to measure, you know they will fit properly, and look for a company that directly employs their window installers, as this is a good indication of quality work. Most double glazing companies have every similar products, and it really is down to the installation, more than anything else, so choose a local company that has a good reputation within the local community.

Thermal Break

A thermal break is inserted into the centre of the aluminium extrusion, and is usually a brown polymer material that eliminated condensation on the frames, so you should insist on windows that incorporate a thermal break within the frames.

Opening Styles

Just because your old windows are traditional side hinge openings, doesn’t mean the new ones must follow that trend. Here are the main opening styles:

  • Sliding units
  • Tilt and turn units
  • Sash window type openings
  • Side hinged openings

When you contact affordable aluminium window services in Leicester, ask for a home visit and they will send a representative to your home, where you can discuss all the options (there are many).

Bespoke Design

Aesthetics are an important aspect when selecting window styles, and the supplier would have many images of fine examples to look at. It is important to choose something that looks like to belongs, and the supplier would help you to make the right choices.