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5 Major Benefits of a Roof Replacement for Your Home

Tiling a roof

Replacing your roof might not be the most glamorous of home improvement projects, but it does have several benefits for you and your family.

One of the best benefits of a new roof is that you could get as much as 65% of the installation cost back when you sell your home.

Let’s take a look at some more reasons why you should consider a roof replacement for your home.

  1. A New Roof Decreases Your Energy Bills

Roof replacement isn’t cheap but one of the best new roof benefits is that it can result in huge savings on your energy bill.

A leaking, deteriorating roof lets hot and cold air in and out of your home so your air-conditioner works overtime trying to keep everything on an even keel.

Modern innovations mean you can also choose an energy-efficient roofing option to help reduce your bills even more.

  1. Roof Replacement Adds Curb Appeal

Most roof repair benefits aren’t as in-your-face as things like installing a pool or replacing your siding. Yet, from a distance, you’ll notice an improvement in your home’s overall appearance almost immediately.

According to this roofing company, it’s the first thing people notice about your home.

Thanks to cost-effective composite materials you can choose a style of roofing that complements your home’s exterior design perfectly. If desired, you can even choose composites that imitate expensive classic roof tiles like slate or metal.

  1. Safety Benefits of a New Roof

Older roofs are more prone to storm damage and the tile could blow off in a severe storm, leaving your family exposed to the elements and endangering anyone caught in its path.

Water leaking into your home may seep into your walls, causing them to decay and lose some of their structural strength. This seepage could also cause an electrical short and sparking if it comes into contact with any wiring and set your house alight.

  1. Health-Related Reasons to Replace Your Roof

Leaks in your home’s roof can lead to some serious health issues for your family.

Moisture encourages the growth and spread of mold which can lead to serious illnesses. Some of the ailments associated with mold include asthma, sinusitis, and pneumonia.

Don’t take chances with your family’s health by delaying a roof replacement.

  1. A New Roof Offers Peace of Mind for Decades to Come

Some types of roofing can last for over a hundred years, and come with a warranty to match. With most roof types, you can look forward to a warranty of about 20 years.

That means you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to pay for another roof replacement any time soon or worry about your family’s safety.

Your home insurance provider will offer you better rates when you have a new roof, so you’re doubly safe in the event of a mishap.

More About Roofing

Roof replacement is one of the most expensive and time-consuming home improvement projects around, so it’s worth researching your options thoroughly beforehand.

Our blog has plenty of articles dedicated to this topic. So keep reading for more tips on caring for your home, inside and out.