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11 Ways to Add Color to Your Boring Room


Decorating your room – especially if it is the first time you are doing so – can be lots of fun. If you have a blank slate, this is especially true.

But whether you are moving into a new place or yearning to revamp your old room, colour plays a crucial part in making a bedroom your haven.

After all, you want a space where your creative juices are flowing, not one where its neutrality makes you bored.

Below are some ideas that will help you add colour to your room.

Have an Overall Theme

Once you have selected a theme, it is easy to come up with a complementary colour scheme. It also helps with options for items such as furniture and lighting.

Choose something that resonates with you, and the appropriate colours will follow. Using this method will also help to ensure that colours match and are coordinated to look at.

Decorate the Walls

One of the ways you can add colour is by painting your walls. You do not have to paint all of them!

Having just one wall painted can be a bold and unique choice. Alternatively, you can also paint each wall a different colour.

Rather than painting, you can also use wallpaper to spice up your walls. Similarly, you can have one wall with wallpaper and the rest painted.

Dress the Walls

If you prefer neutral-coloured walls, add some colour by dressing up the walls. Put up pictures or use an old patterned scarf as a wall hanging.

Clocks can also be significant and colourful decorations for your walls.

Posters can be motivational tools and will help boost your mood too.

Bring in Nature

Not only will plants add to the overall aesthetic of your room, but they can also be healthy for you.

Succulents are a good option if you lack the necessary time and expertise to care for flowers. Plants can be put on the floor, on your desk or even hung from the ceiling.

If you lack space, a window box is lovely too.

Fluff and Colours

Add some comfort and colour into your room by getting some throw pillows. These can come in a great variety of colours and patterns, so feel free to get creative and go wild.

You can get ones that come with removable covers so you can change them as you like.

Covers and Curtains

Curtains are great room decorations even if you do not have a set of windows. You can get opaque or sheer ones, velvet or plain cotton.

They can act as bold statements in a dull room. Meanwhile, you can also get matching covers for your sofa in the form of a blanket.

Colour Up the Floor

Do not forget the floor. Decorate using a multi coloured rug or just a simple throw rug.

Think bursts of colour, psychedelic patterns, interesting geometric shapes, something that is in your aesthetic and will add something special to your room.

Look Up for Colour

Alternatively, paint your ceiling. An excellent idea if you have plain walls. You can also choose to have murals painted rather than just a block of colour. Create your remixed version of the Sistine Chapel if you like.

Get Artsy

Add your personal touch in your room by getting artsy. You can create art to put on the walls or craft knick-knacks to decorate with.

If you knit or cross-stitch or crochet, you can quickly produce some extra things for your room. Otherwise, just a few splashes of colour on a canvas can be your abstract masterpiece.

Add Books

Far from just reading material, book covers can be gorgeous and add colour to your room in a way that you never thought of before.

The way you arrange your books on a bookshelf can vary the way your room looks.

Paint Your Door

Add a block of colour to your room by painting the door. This is one of the best ways to showcase your personality to those first entering your space.

Seasonal Changes

Feel free to change up your room decorations and colours to reflect the changing seasons. This will also help you make use of all the differently coloured furniture you may have.

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